Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is the most advanced broadband technology available today. More than 130 million homes globally are already enjoying the benefits of fibre connectivity. China is expected to reach 100 million subscribers by 2015 and many European countries and large parts of the USA are approaching universal access to fibre.

Access to high bandwidth speeds creates many opportunities because access too many new generations applications and services will only be possible through the use of fibre. These services will not only add to the value of your home but ensure cost-savings on basic communications services.

Fibre access guarantees greater reliability, lower operating costs, lower energy demands and off course, greater bandwidth speeds for both download and upload to the internet.

Sending high quality photos and videos will happen in the blink of an eye and with the influx of international Video on Demand (VOD) services like Netflix, and even DSTV, you will be assured of frustration free instant streaming onto your TV the moment you decide to rent the latest blockbuster.

To add to this the educational opportunities, running an internet business from home, gaming and a HD quality security system will ensure that your investment in FTTH will reward you rather than cost you.

You now have the opportunity to get fibre into your home by taking part in this survey and allowing us to determine what the interest is in your specific area.

How Will The Process Work?

In order for us to justify the large amount of capital that is required to install the fibre core in your neighbourhood we have to make sure that we have enough interest. To determine this we do a feasibility study that will take factors like density, installation costs and distance into account.

Once we get to a minimum committed subscriber rate (i.e. 40% of 300 homes), we will proceed with the installation and connect all the initial subscribers. Once the core network is in your area, other residents can join when they are ready.

We provide an open access network which will allow other service providers to offer there services also soon after the installation is completed. This ensures that there is healthy competition that will benefit the homeowner.

Unfortunately we cannot determine the feasibility without determining the interest. Talk to you neighbour or body corporate to make sure that they complete our short survey. The quicker we reach that critical percentage, the quicker you will enjoy all the world class benefits that fibre can offer.